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My name is Kisha, New York based Stationery Designer, Owner and Creative Director of Stationery for Lovers® (sister company to D'MALI by Kisha Damali.) My love for designing stationery came about in 2008, when my sister had no luck finding the perfect stationery to fit her "winter wonderland" themed wedding. The only option at that time was to make use of my creativity design something of my own. That experience sparked my interest in learning more about the wedding industry and stationery design! In 2009, my journey to entrepreneurship came to be and the rest is...HERstory!

The Stationery For Lovers® brand developed a few years later after spending years working with engaged couples designing stationery for their weddings. I knew that beautiful stationery for couples shouldn't end once the wedding was over. Fast forward, I seen the value of creating lifestyle stationery and gifts exclusively for lovers / couples that can be used on any day in every intimate way.

From romantic love notes to thoughtful curated couples gifts, my mission is to create unforgettable pieces that will create unforgettable experiences in your love life.

- Kisha xo