About The Creator

Stationery Designer Kisha Kingston Black Owned, Woman Owned

Kisha, a custom Stationery Designer dedicated to creating unique stationery, curated gifts and digital designs to meet the needs of her clientele. Kisha's initial experience in stationery design was inspired by her sister's “Winter Wonderland” themed wedding in December of 2008. Despite the level of experience, Kisha had great success creating the bridal shower and wedding stationery, sparking her curiosity to learn more about the stationery design industry. 

After a year of honing her skills and promoting her custom services to friends and family, in December 2009, with a leap of faith, Kisha launched her custom stationery business. Since then, her work has been featured in bridal publications, blogs, and television networks, all while gracing events with her custom pieces.

Embarking on her stationery journey, Kisha has ventured into other stationery avenues, including the launch of Stationery for Lovers; stationery exclusively created for couples, D'MALI By Kisha Damali; curated gifting services, and HOSTES; a ready-to-order event stationery line for intimate dinner parties.

In her spare time, Kisha enjoys spending time with family and friends, immersing in design and business and supporting creative entrepreneurs on their business journey.